63% of drivers put off EVs as a result of the energy crisis, says the AA

Three in five drivers have been put off buying an electric vehicle (EV) as a result of rising domestic energy prices, said the AA.

A recent survey conducted by the AA has revealed the impact the energy crisis has had on EV adoption. It said 63% of drivers now state that rising energy costs has put them off making the switch to EVs.

The poll of 12,500 drivers also found that 10% say the hike in home energy bills is the main reason for sticking with a petrol or diesel car.

This could be seen as being in contrast to recent research conducted by Centrica’s Hive which indicated that 54% of drivers want to switch to electric cars within the next five years. The rise in energy costs could deter many drivers and could see a dip in the adoption of the clean vehicles amid the ongoing crisis.

Mitigating these concerns, a quarter (24%) say increased energy bills has not deterred them from switching to an electric car, with 3% of respondents already driving an EV.

BY: https://www.current-news.co.uk/

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